Who Leads Us?

The Canadian Leadership Team (CLT)

Guiding Principles of the Canadian Leadership Team (CLT)

SERVE as a spiritual Eldership for YWAM Canada, PROVIDE an environment for continued and deepening relationships while FOSTERING freedom in theSpirit.

ENCOURAGE a life-style based on the YWAM Foundational Values and our heritage through teaching and discipleship.

PROMOTE and COORDINATE the growth and extension of YWAM Canada locally, provincially and nationally and FACILITATE YWAM’s Family of Ministries.

SERVE as a relational link to YWAM international.

CLT Group

What Do They Do When They Meet?

The CLT meets 2x a year and tries to move around to various locations but typically meets once in the east and once in the west.
- Pray & have devotions (seek the Lord for YWAM Canada)
- Tackle governance issues
- Report on what is happening in YWAM, in Canada and internationally
- Develop tools for staff training
- Implement communication tools (for ex. Trumpet call - monthly prayer e-letter)
- Promote relationships (for ex. The Rendezvous in Pinawa for all YWAM Canada staff)
- Encourage one another and local leaders
- etc.

CLT Paul

Who is Part of the CLT?

Gabriel Boucher (Dunham, QC)
Chris Keim (Blackfalds, AB)
Sharon Keim (Blackfalds, AB)
Mark Kim (Alton, ON)
René Laframboise (Quebec Coordinator, Granby, QC)
Pierre LeBel (Montreal, QC)
Paul Martinson (Western Canada Leader, Winfield, BC)
Randy Parizeau (Vancouver, BC)
Russell Sanche (Wolfville, NS)
Dave Skene (Global Youth Network)

CLT Discussion

If you have a comment or question for the CLT, please contact them here!

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