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February 2013 - 100 Days Project

As many of our DTS's begin wrapping up their schools, we would like to officially introduce the new 100 Days Project 2013 to all of you! The 100 Days Project is designed to guide DTS grads through the steps of transition, helping them "connect the dots" of their DTS experience, creating a bridge between the DTS and life at home.

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100 Days Project officially starts soon on Monday, February 25, 2013.

But we need your help! We would like to ask you to please forward this E-letter or pass along this info to any/all DTS students that you have in your current schools or schools that have just finished. All they have to do is click here to go to the 100 Days Project Facebook page and ask to "join" the group. (Before Feb 25th)

What can students expect from the 100 Days Project?

The daily 20 minute focus sessions will include:
* Scripture readings
* Short reflection articles
* Questions to think about * Action points
* Interaction/conversations from other DTS students

Our desire is that this will not be a "static" one-way session but rather, a lively discussion oriented "closed group" of like minded people who have all just experienced similar situations and challenges from their DTS experience. We want to encourage them in their walks and ensure they have a solid, successful re-entry back into their lives, at home or wherever God may be leading them next.

If you have more questions or for more info:

Blessings Tanya Lyons - YWAM Canada DTS Coordinator 


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