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July 2012

"A Better Place"

DTS Training WeekAll YWAMers know that staffing a DTS is not easy. It requires endurance, strength, faith and courage. Serving for 5-6 months as a DTS staff forces you to lean into the depth of your relationship with Christ and continually grab a hold of his unconditional love so you can share it with others.

Many YWAMers are in the mission because of how DTS impacted their life. I met Jesus in my DTS and that experience turned my life upside down - in the best way possible! Wouldn't the world would be a better place if everyone had the opportunity to go to DTS and experience what we did?

Because DTS demands so much from the staff who make it happen the Canadian DTS Centre held its second YWAM Canada DTS Staff Training week in Saskatoon July 2-6. Fifteen staff and leaders from five locations in Canada (AB, BC, SK and ON) gathered to connect with God and each other around the vision of the DTS.

We reflected on what brought us to our DTS, what God did in our lives through DTS, and to praise Him for the victories and growth since then.

DTS Training Week

Because DTS is the gateway to YWAM it's possible to think DTS material is "basic" or "simple". I've realized however, that these foundational, basic truths that shape our life with God are extremely deep and worth continual exploration and pursuit. As YWAMers we share the common goal "To know God and Make Him Known", but who among us could say they have arrived?

I was reminded that discipleship and change happen a step at a time. God has stored up many riches in each of us, in His word, in worship, in daily life. He's waiting to unfold these treasures to us if we will take the time to dwell on them and draw them out. There is no way to speed up character growth or fast-forward key life-lessons. Integrity, humility, and healthy relationships aren't downloaded with one click. As we remember what God has done in us it builds our faith to believe He can do the same in every student who comes through our doors.

During our last day together we prayed for the DTS in Canada. We prayed for fresh passion in every location and in every heart to know God and make Him known in Canada and around the world.

DTS Training Week

It's a privilege to serve beside you and I look forward to "talking DTS" at the Rendezvous this August.

Because of Jesus,
Tanya Lyons
YWAM Canada DTS Coordinator

If you want more info about our training schools, click HERE!


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