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July 2014 - Joliette Affirmation

As a ministry family in Canada there has been ongoing prayer and conversation about a growing sense of confidence in God’s direction and plan for YWAM Canada.

Joliette Affirmation

We the members of YWAM’s Canadian Leadership Team, reflected together on this in Joliette, Quebec, (June 10- 13, 2013). Merging our discussions over the last few years, the Rendezvous in Pinawa (2012), our Canadian Leader’s Survey (2013) and what was clearly expressed during the Panama Leadership Conference in late April of 2013, we have written The Joliette Affirmation.

THE JOLIETTE AFFIRMATION - Togetherness in Diversity

The 1960’s saw the birth of YWAM Canada (1967). Moving into the 1970’s there was innovation and pioneering, which was followed in the 1980’s with the establishing of ministries and properties. The 1990’s brought challenges to YWAM Canada in the form of cynicism, death, change and transition. At the turn of the millennium there was a renewed commitment to vision, connection and pioneering. Fruit was becoming evident, along with the encouragement and affirmation of our identity as a mosaic of people, families, communities and ministries.

In Panama, we spent time as leaders, identifying the uniqueness of our people, communities, and ministries. The outcome is represented by this visual. There was excitement, thankfulness, and a sense of peace in who we are as a part of YWAM International. Let us not apologize for who we are and how we partner with Him.

As YWAM Canada, we “dwell well” together (Psalm 133). Mutual love and trust hold us together and gives us a strong sense of belonging. The togetherness permits us the diversity of expression and ministry that is evident in our midst. We encourage pioneering new ways to display and demonstrate God’s love, grace, and Kingdom.

In reflection of this process, we asked ourselves “how do we move forward?” The time was focused primarily on loving God, loving one another and loving our neighbor (Luke 10:27, 28). Strong on our hearts was to increase our interconnectedness within our YWAM circles of influence, circuits of geography, and cycles of time. We affirm the importance of our YWAM values and encourage each of us to mediate and reflect on them individually, as communities, and ministries. The values that we feel have been specifically highlighted by the Lord are: #5- Be visionary, #7- Be broad-structured and decentralized, and #14- Value the individual.


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