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March 2014 - Special Training Seminar

We are pleased to present the seminar "The Christian faith, the arts and the city" that will be held from June 16 to July 21, 2014 in Montreal! Registration closes on May 1, don’t miss it!

Montreal Seminar

Seminar Description

At the heart of the largest jazz festival in the world, five weeks for exchange and learning about faith in relation to the artistic aspects of life in the urban world. The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to think critically about different artistic expressions that are predominant in Montreal during the summer. Through the exploration of a cultural vision that seeks peace (shalom) in the city, the student will deepen his understanding of the incarnation in a post-Christian and secular context.

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You need to calculate $ 1,400 for the 5 weeks of training which covers: tuition, course fees , accommodation, transport and a short trip to Quebec city. Charges for meals are not included in the $ 1,400 given the diversity of tastes and to allow greater flexibility of choice for students. Although it is strongly recommended to attend the entire seminar , it is also possible to register for the period that suits your schedule . The cost is $ 150 per week for registration and course fees costs.


The seminar, "The Christian faith, the arts and the city" is a partnership of several organizations involved for years in different area of Montreal . Whether in the cultural scene, in discipleship or in teaching, we believe that the excellence and quality of the program lies in the union of our forces and our love for our city.
Theological Institute for the Francophonie
YWAM Montreal
Wycliffe Canada

Schedule: June 16 to July 31, 2014

June 16-24 - Pierre LeBel (YWAM Montreal) - Incarnation / Urban Culture. Objectives: How to live and interpret the gospel in the post- Christian and urban context of today.  

June 25 to 1 - Glenn Smith (Christian Direction) - Urban Missiology and the Arts (Jazz Festival) Objectives: To assess and evaluate different artistic expressions in the context of Christian missiology.  

July 2 to 6 - Glenn Smith - The Bible and the Arts (Jazz Festival) Objectives: To understand the theological themes related to arts and articulate a Christian worldview for an individual and for the community.  

July 7 to 12 – Kember Lillo (Wycliffe) - Contextualization and co-creation Objectives : Exploring diverse cultural expressions and artistic development in the heritage of a community based on the vision of the kingdom of God.

July 14-21 – Noemie Jean-Bourgeault (UofN YWAM) The Kingdom and artists. Objectives: Testing a theory of artistic practice closely linked to relationships. Get familiar with local and international projects that contribute to the advancement of the welfare of the city.

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Thank you very much, looking forward to having you with us this summer!

Montreal Seminar


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