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May 2013 - YWAM Photographer Makes An Impact

YWAM Canada wanted to give a special "Shout Out" to YWAMer Wendy McAlpine who has been serving the Arts and Activist Communities in Kelowna, BC for the past 2 years as YWAM's only (?) Community Photographer.

She has been using the strategy of service - giving away a thing that is appreciated as valuable (professional images) to help them with their careers/causes. Canadian Leadership Team member, Paul Martinson encouraged Wendy to exhibit more and become part of the artist community rather than just document and serve the community; with the goal of being more incarnational. Since accepting this challenge Wendy has continued to work as a Community Photographer but has begun to exhibit and compete as an artist. Even though she was feeling vulnerable at first, she soon discovered that she was actively learning new skills and getting to know her target group in a whole new way.

Tony Campolo

Wendy realized that she needed to bring a higher level of professionalism to the work that she was going to give away and auditioned for accreditation with the Professional Photographers of Canada in the category of Performing Arts Photography. This accreditation gives her "nationally recognized expert status" in the Performing Arts. Her audition was unanimously accepted by the national judges. We are proud to announce that she is now one of 7 Accredited Performing Arts Photographers in Canada. This increases the perception of value to her work/gifts to the Arts/Activist Communities.

Check out some images from a recent show called "The Grace Experience".

Recently, Wendy discovered that she had been nominated, "Best Photographer" in the Best of Kelowna List. Competing with several excellent professionals was humbling and and totally thrilling at the same time! If you would like to vote for Wendy,

Anyone can vote!

David Crowder



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