Some frequently asked questions about YWAM:

Three FriendsWhy is Alaska and Greenland listed on a Canadian website?
These YWAM locations have a close connection and association with YWAM Canada but exist in other countries.

Is this mission only for young people or only focused on young people?

Youth With A Mission began as an organization to help young people get involved in the Kingdom of God and this will always be a focus for us. However, we also believe that age is a state of mind, and many people join YWAM as a second career or after retirement. Some of the young people who joined us in the 1960s are still serving with YWAM, and so are some of their grandchildren!

How big is YWAM, and how can I find out the closest location?
With over 16,000 staff volunteers, YWAM is one of the largest Christian charitable organizations in the world. For Locations within Canada, Greenland and Alaska go to our YWAM locations section. For locations elsewhere in the world go to our YWAM International site.

How do I find out about opportunities, and get the YWAM address list?
YWAM's guidebook, called the Go Manual, includes a printed version of this material and is updated each year. The Go Manual can be ordered through YWAM Books and Resources. You can also check out individual locations web sites. You can also go to the YWAM International site

What is a DTS?
The Discipleship Training School (DTS), YWAM's 5 or 6 month introductory training program, is offered in over 200 locations around the world. There are also many different types of DTS but the same basic curriculum. Find out more info on a YWAM DTS here!

How do I apply, or join YWAM?
You can serve with YWAM on an outreach trip, as a student, or as a staff member or volunteer. To join as staff, you must first complete a Discipleship Training School (DTS), which is offered in over 200 locations around the world. YWAM has no centralized application process. Although YWAM does have main offices, we encourage you to contact our field locations directly for details about applying, schedules, and costs.

Do YWAM staff get paid?
To join YWAM as staff anywhere in the world, you need to have your own financial backing. Many YWAM locations can help people put together a prayer and financial support team (often through friends, home groups, churches, relatives, etc.) before they join as staff. Most YWAM staff meet their financial needs through financial supporters while others hold an additional paying job for financial or ministry reasons. For information regarding supporting a Canadian YWAMer contact YWAM Project Funding.



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